Brandon Staley & Justin Herbert Sound Off After Chargers Clinch Playoff Berth

In a hypothetical universe where such things shouldn't even be conceivable, Justin Herbert is the grown-up, real-life equivalent 

of a child running around the yard shooting fake lasers, going "pew-pew," and hitting his intended target.

imagine a kid blasting pretend lasers while racing around the yard, going "pew-pew," and hitting his target.

Because of the game's most crucial position's incredible innate talent

Weekly, the Chargers' overall performance is frequently disregarded.

On a weekly basis, it's common to ignore the Chargers' overall performance.

There is always a path where Herbert is present. No matter how good Los Angeles performs in the postseason after clinching, the aforementioned statement will remain true.

a playoff spot with their 20-3 victory over the terrible, ineffective Indianapolis Colts on Monday.

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